Thursday, April 29, 2010

research research and more research.

Ive had a fun week, havent posted results etc as i have also been flat out with work.
After the nice win courtesy of Singapore I had a bad loss of $80.40 when i fell asleep on the couch part way through a sequence and missed the fav bet which would have made it a positve effort.....  Never mind
Then I caught up with a friend of mine who is a bit of a maths whizz and got him to take a look at what im doing from a statistical point of view to see if he could spot any improvements to my thinking.
He made one interesting observation and we debated his thoughts for a while till I decided to try out his idea with some paper testing first.
Well after a day or so I came round to his way of thinking and instead of testing the idea I ran with it. Of course it fell over and I found myself horribly in the hole with a loss pushing $400. Gathered myself and worked hard to recover that loss back to $118. Its a funny thing but Im almost happy about it.  So all in all the last weeks efforts have me sitting just $20 down on my opening balance.... Ha!
So running balance is now $1135.40.

Back to the normal routine tomorrow.....

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