Friday, December 4, 2009

4/12 Ouch big loss

Well at some point it had to happen. With the dangerous staking plan any loss day i have is possibly going to be a big one. Im still going with a few more races left tonight but currently I have a $290 loss. I was actually $40 up on the night.  The frustrating part is that its not so much a case of my system/rules breaking down but more a case of external influences screwing me over. Unexpected visitors at just the wrong time interrupting sequences.
  But thats all part of it and I have had a great run and I have had bad loss days in the past so i will get over this.  So my balance has slipped just under $1000, we will see where it ends up by the time all tonights betting is over.

Update, end of betting I recovered some and the loss for the night came to $159.80. The recovery came via the win/fav system with a $64 bet at $4.20 grabbing back a decent chunk.  Still a frustrating evening, I dont think it would bother me if it were a case of the system failing me. I had a great run of 23 days in a row but my first loss day is basically down to external influences interrupting my sequence. I had hoped to get to $1500 by xmas but I dont think that will happen now, still you never know...

So my total balance sits at $1080.90

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