Sunday, December 20, 2009

Automated Betting?

Has anyone had any experience with automated betting? I think there are tools called bots that can be programmed to bet for you? Do these things actually exist?


  1. Of course they exist, plenty of people use them but like anything it's all down to the strategy they use that'll make money or not. With the free API available even the coding isn't a problem as there's plenty of code snippets around showing how to place bets etc.

    Mine make around £2k per month but just aren't scaleable otherwise I'd up the stakes. Have a look at the gruss forum half the posters there use excel based bots and make a lot more than what I do from botting

  2. Hey,

    Like Anon said yes there is, i use Greyhorsebot, but you yea there is gruss, BetAngel has excel based triggers in it.

    GHB is pretty straight forward, most of the others you need a decent knowledge of Excel and/or VB.


  3. Thanks for the replies. can i ask you to have a look at the betting website i use to see if its possible to automate. From the gruss forums i see that its dealing with the betfair sites. im not yet a betfair member and they dont have much of a profile here in NZ. I have the impression that the automated bots from Gruss are tailored for betfair?. Cheers Mike

  4. Whoops, website link is

  5. Hi Mike,
    Can you use BetFair in New Zealand ? How do you bet at the moment, just running through local online bookies ?
    Must admit I think BetFair is brilliant, great way to bet and would thoroughly recommend it.


  6. Betfair is sort of here but not really. its in Australia and I am able to use betfair except there is no NZ profile or true office etc. So the betting pools for NZ races are very very low.

    I think Im right in that NZ only has one legalized bookmaker the TAB and thats probably why betfair etc arent here. i can use them just by opening an account in Aussie. i think I could do the same with the UK. Also the TAB has comingled pools with Australia which I believe helps NZ punters bet in bigger betting pools.

    I do have a betfair account although it has no funds in it. I think I will have to look in to this more closely.