Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thats it for 2009

112 days of betting graph. I started using the place/fav system from day 49 almost exclusively. Just recently I have used the win/fav system a couple of times and next year I plan to try and use that a little more and combine its use with the place/fav system. Ive had a pretty lucky run and most of my loss days have been where I have made mistakes or lacked discipline with respect with sticking to my system. I do expect to be tripped up by the odd true loss day but Im pretty comfortable now that what im doing actually works. The down side is that the place system is quite limited to how much I can make due to the aggressive staking plan and its impact on dividends if I try and go bigger, not to mention the risk factor. The next trick is to try and work out how to automate this within the restrictions of the NZ TAB website. The other trick is to make sure im having fun with it and its not a chore.

Hope everyone has a great New Year and thanks for all the advice.

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