Saturday, December 26, 2009

Balance at $1459.40

Balance on the face of it looks good but it should have been a whole lot better. I didnt follow my own system rules and ended up losing $96 because of it. Luckily however there was a decent days betting and I made a total profit of $12.50 after the loss. I should be looking at a balance of nearly $1550.00.  So a long day in front of the computer and tv and a lot of bets gives me $12.50 when if not for a lack of discipline on my part it could have been a $110.00 day.
Basically I got spooked on a meetings betting and when i got to the 4th bet, the $70 bet, the tote was telling me that it was $1 for the place and $1.60 for the win. I know the tote changes 30 seconds after the race starts and I know from experience that they usually give me a safe return dividend of maybe $1.40 at worst but for some silly reason I went for a $70 win bet and the horse came second... and paid $1.40 for the place....
Anyway, Im off for work for 2 days photographing a couple of cafe's etc on an island called Waiheke here in Aucklands waterways. I had hoped to sneak my way to $1500 by the years end but that wont happen. Still happy to sit with the balance I have.

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