Tuesday, January 12, 2010

13-1-2010 $14.20

$14.20 today which takes my bank up to $800.60.  A few days off after getting away with betting outside of my systems rules.  Glad to be back betting with discipline hopefully it wont be a lesson I forget. Essentially I bet out of sequence and then ended up in a situation of having about a $120 loss in play and the final bet of the day ended up being virtually my entire bank. I had decided to take the loss but at the last minute went for it with a huge place bet. Fortunately the horse came through and I ended up with a healthy $75 profit however in all honesty I deserved to have lost it. My system isnt foolproof and at some point there will be big loss days but I really dont need to have self inflicted loss days outside of the system.

NOTE: ran a few bets on the greyhounds tonight and took the days winnings to  $25.80 which brings my bank to $812.20

The dumb bet below

Not much betting ahead for the next few days, I have a busy day of work tomorrow and then Im off with 40,000 yahoos to a music festival here called "the Big Day Out". Looking forward to Lily Allen among others.

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