Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lack of activity and another loss

Work has been very busy lately, couple that with house sitting here and there and I havent been betting much. 
I did have a go at a few sports bets, using multi's here in NZ. I had been chatting with a mate of mine about the whole betting thing and had a go at a couple of multis. Unfortunately  Spurs let in an equalizer at home against leeds in the last seconds to kill one multi and another was killed by Arsenal losing to Stoke so a very unsuccessful effort there.  Even worse that the total loss for that was $140. So my betting bank is down to $375.

The sports bets for me were just pure gambling without following a system and this bothers me somewhat. Im going to give the betting a break for a couple more weeks, partly because Im annoyed at whats happened over the last 2 weeks and partly because to bet within my system I need to be based at home working within that enviroment. At present work and house sitting for friends has my life a bit disjointed. 

Back soonish


  1. Hey Mike,
    Hope your ok and not giving up the hope.
    Your system seemed to be pretty successful before, any chance of resurrecting this and pushing on again ?


  2. Hi Mike,
    When you coming back lad?