Friday, January 15, 2010

Biggest Loss ever

Nasty big loss of about $300 and I have just discovered by accident I have  bet on the wrong race which is pretty frustrating. So yet again my loss comes from my error and not the system. Will post a screen shot tomorrow when im back home.

Still a loss is a loss....


  1. Hi Mike,
    Sorry to hear of your large loss.
    I am sure you will come good and soon recover these.
    I had a £220 losing night 2 weeks ago, but have managed to get all that back plus quite a lot more.
    It is all part of a system the odd big losing bet, even it was a mistake.
    Chin up !


  2. Hi Alex, thanks.
    Its a strange thing but Im not too stressed about it because its not my system breaking down but me screwing up. I got sloppy with how I was betting. Usually I fill in a spreadsheet I designed that tracks my bets and lets me know where I am with respect to the meetings Im betting on. Im typically betting on many meetings at once.

    I have been house sitting for the last week and had been using another persons computer and not using the spreadsheet. Basically it was sloppyness and cockyness that tripped me up. The spreadsheet makes me work while betting and I got lazy. Ive basically lost everything I have made this month so it will probably take me about 3-4 weeks to win back.

    Im pissed off I blew 3 weeks work by being lazy but on the other hand learned another valuable lesson with respect to what im doing. I will be back in to it in a few days or so.

    The glass is pretty much always half full in my world... Ha!

  3. Yeh I am sure you will claw it all back.
    A couple of times when I lost I started to doubt myself, but each time I seemed to have come back stronger !
    The morale of the story, don't house

  4. Life is generally about learning from your mistakes and its the same in the betting/trading world, unfortunately the latter can cost you a bit at times!?! Some of my biggest learning curves have also been the most expensive but as long as you do learn from them they aren't a wasted experience.