Thursday, January 7, 2010


Im looking to try and hit about $250 per month in winnings and since I started this I have averaged $270  per month. 
The fav/place system I run mostly is quite limited as to how much I can make because of the size of bets having to be made if I up the staking plan to win more.  The fav/win version is much more friendly with respect to increasing the staking without becoming dangerous in bet size but to do this I do need a decent sized bank. So my first target is to get to a betting bank of $2000 and from there I will look to increase the staking plan on the win/fav side of things.
While I have been betting with real money i have also been paper trading the racing as well and in January alone  with a $10 base bet the win/fav system would have me already just under $1000 up.

So $250 a month and an initial target of $2000 should keep me occupied till about May.

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