Saturday, November 28, 2009

29/11 19th day in a row profit

$17, again not feeling great so not too many bets, have hit $1100 and nearly $600 for the month. I now have a small dilemma, do I just let this balance roll on or do i withdraw $600 and start from $500 for December.  By leaving the balance to run I will have enough of a bank to cover doing both the win/fav  and place/fav systems. I quite like this idea as I need to be brave enough to just go for it and believe the systems will both work.  My mindset has changed a bit in the last few weeks, I do believe the place/fav system has merit and with its very consistent positive results has given me some confidence.
Anyway thats me for the Month of November

Below is a quick graph of my last 90 days betting, a running total graph. Hope it makes sense.

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