Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lots of bets for tiny profit. (initially)

A number of meetings in in Aussie and NZ so with an afternoon completely free I took on a meeting in Brisbane for the win/fav system as well as applying the place/fav system to Brisbane and other meetings.

Brisbane ended up not giving me a fav win or place till the 4th race which meant my win bets were $1, $1, $2 and $4 which had a $2.30 dividend giving me a marvelous $1.20 profit from the win fav side of the meeting.
Then on the place/fav side of things the bets were $1, $5, $20 and $70 with the dividend being $1.40 which gave me a stupendous profit of $2.00 so a grand $3.20 profit from the meeting so far. I will place bet the next couple of races and also place bet some other meetings for the rest of the evening.

The place/fav thing was supposed to give me some relief and confidence boosting results while i worked my way through the win/fav side of things but of course god decided to mess with me a bit......

Hey im not complaining though but a nice $3 or more win div and maybe a $1.60 or more place div would have made it more fun for me. As it is it will be another day ending in the positive. So far the "bank" is up to $571.80.

Final note, bet on a large number of races tonight and final healthy profit ended up being $45.70. "Bank" now sitting at $608. I would post a screen grab of all the bets for the night but there are about 3 screen grabs worth and im tired and cant be arsed so here is the final page of bets.

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