Saturday, November 21, 2009

Alex at made an interesting point

Alex at made an interesting point about how often people post to their blogs. I guess  we all have different levels of interest in posting or reasons.

Everytime I log on to do some betting I check what all the people on the blogs I follow have been doing. to be honest half the time it all looks like gibberish to me, not their thoughts but the betting, lays, trades etc etc simply because everyone posting that stuff has a far more intimate knowledge and understanding of betting. However I still check out whats happening because I like reading about other peoples success. I dont enjoy when others have loss days but I do get a kick out of recoveries.

I post every time I bet because I want to keep track of what Im doing, there is an inherent fear of what happened to a good friend of mine who lost everything with a gambling addiction.

Also I realize that what im doing is quite different from everyone else and also that most of the serious punters on all the forums I have looked at regard what I am doing as pretty stupid, its just not cool.  So if what im doing does fall over in a big pile of dung there will be documented proof that the serious punters can direct some other crazy nut towards if they try what im doing.

 On the flip side, if it works it might help people thinking about doing something similar or give someone an opportunity to fine tune or improve this.

I just like the idea of being able to beat the betting agency and my mum said horse racing is a mugs game, Id like to buy her something nice from the mugs game.....


  1. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the link too.
    Nice returns keep up the good luck.

  2. Hey Mike,

    Got here through Alex's Blog, reading this just made me chuckle, your mum and my mum should get together, they can bicker between themselve about it being a mugs game..


  3. Hi Mike & Jay,
    Tell me about it, when I tell people I am not going to the pub on a sunday night because I am racing they tut at me and think I am some loser that is waging my mortgage behind my wifes back and losing my shirt !
    I think if you do play safely and don't get greedy, then a nice little income is to be made and as the bank grows you can get to targets quicker just by using the same percentages.
    A small profit today Mike, but profit is profit however small !
    Got off to a bad start tonight myself, £50+ down, but slowly clawing it back now.


  4. Hey,
    Yea people have such a closed mentality about gambling, they can't see past the main facts, but if you do get involves properly and look to play it safe, then it is more of a calculated risk than gambling.


  5. Mike and Jay.

    Do your Mothers go To BINGO or Do they do the Lottery.

    If they do. Then Who's The Mug.