Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NZ v Bahrain World Cup qualifier....

NZ play Bahrain to see who qualifies for next years world cup. A score draw and Bahrain go through so NZ must win. The game in Wellington was sold out 3 weeks ago, the first ever sell out for a football game in NZ and the biggest crowd to a football game in NZ ever, 35,500.

So i take off tomorrow and wont be back till Monday. If we win and qualify I suspect I wont sober up till next week......

I cant bet on this one, I think we have about a 40% chance of success given that Bahrain are about 30 places ahead of NZ on the FIFA rankings and the fact they have as a team played so many games together. our side only gets to play a few games a year and the players come together from all over the world.

Still i can wait, its going to be an epic occasion no matter what the score.

See you next week.

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