Monday, November 2, 2009

$9 loss due to not following system

Only 3 bets, went bad right from first one. Firstly I placed a place bet on a meeting where I hadnt left enough races to win back from a loss.
Next race there was a super hot favourite with no place dividend on a  2 places result only and I went for a small win bet, it came second. then trying to recover from a small $4 loss quickly I went straight to a $5 place bet on a new meeting, it didnt come through.  The very next race at the meeting had a small field with only a 2 places dividends and yet another super hot fav with tiny dividends. I was annoyed at the previous dumb betting and decided to go watch tv instead.  Im sure I could have recovered but wasnt in the right frame of mind to  keep at it. Basically I would say that 90% to 95% of my losses come from stupidity on my part or being interrupted during the process.

Annoying because I had gone 9 winning days in a row.


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