Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 steps forward 1 step back

I havent really done much this week apart from a couple of spradic attempts to get some bets on. The trouble is that having to stop halfway through a sequence ends in a small loss of $20. Currently grabbing some back but the key issue here is I dont have enough time spare right now to do this properly. My system is based simply on statistics and because of this its quite time consuming in terms of having to devote time to live racing. Most others systems are based more on knowledge and analysis of horses etc which I suspect means people arent waiting till 15-30 seconds before a race to place a bet.
Im convinced my system does work but the drawbacks are its time consuming and also difficult to make larger sums of money.
Im going to be moving house soon as well so hopefully once all my extra stuff is under control I will be able to do this with a bit more conviction. Till then its bits and bobs betting and updates for me.

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