Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gallops, Harness or Dogs?

Im running 2 different systems, one based on favourites to win and one based on favourites to place.
Both systems require time to be free and bet without interruption however the place version is easier to exit from without risking a loss.
Ive been doing this for nearly a year now although i have had a couple of months break around xmas. I have lost count of how many bets I have made in that time but its a considerable number.
I still know bugger all about proper punting where one bases bet choice on knowledge and understanding of horses etc etc.
I love harness racing, especially night harness racing however sadly due to the dividends on offer it gives me the smallest returns. I no longer run the win favourite system with harness racing, it simply too often isnt worth the amount of time for the meagre returns i get based around my system. I do run the place system with harness racing but in truth its only if there are no gallops on and I have nothing better to do with the evening.
The win favourite system doesnt work with the dogs, too often a meeting wont have any favourites winning but the place system works very well with the dogs. Its a funny thing but sometimes the place dividends can be poor but usually the dividends are good. The other funny thing is that sometimes the pace dividend is better than the win dividend.
The gallops are where I do the best, I dont understand why the dividends are better but its just the way it is. I also get to run my win/fav system with the gallops which i quite enjoy, it has more tension for me and also very satisfying everytime I get a result. I suspect its because its the original system i dreamed up and there is more opportunity for bigger winning days. However its very time consuming so I only use it when i have a totally free afternoon.

Wish i knew why harness dividends were so poor, its a shame really, visually for me its far more exciting, well it is live anyway and those mad French have a pretty unique version of trotting racing with the jockeys on the horses....

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