Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Running total to $1174.00

Part of yesterdays betting, a few bets at the end of the evening when there was nothing on tv and I felt like giving the dogs a spin. Another $8 added in the space of half a dozen bets.

If it wasnt for the fact that the size of bets used in the staking system gets so high so quickly I know I could do this full time and make some decent money. However if it was really this easy someone would have worked it out years ago.

Loss days via my system do come along but within the parameters of my systems they iron themselves out. The loss days due to me being a dumbarse are the frustrating ones and they are the true fly in the ointment. I looked at my records and I think my loss days due to my mistakes account for about 80% of all losses.
Those errors revolve around not following the system rules, missing a bet in a sequence because of interruption, taking a punt and trying to recover a loss with a speculative bet, betting while tired and missing a race because I fell asleep, missing a bet because I was multi tasking while waiting for a race and not checking frequently enough how far till it starts etc etc.

The last few days have been successful, mostly error free and relaxed

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