Monday, May 10, 2010

Routine and Rhythm

My re-entry from a break from betting has been pretty erratic because of work and footy coaching clashing with betting times etc and my results have been pretty erratic too. However when I have a clear day and clear head to bet and follow my system it does generally flow pretty well. I suspect its the same with many people that once in the groove everything tends to fall in to place.

The other interesting thing is how you can have good or bad days with respect to dividends. Yesterday was a classic example where I messed up with 2 bets, ended up $40 down but was able to recover it fairly easily simply because the place dividends were so juicy. I have had other days where I have bet all day, had reasonable results in terms of winning but the place dividends were so low the profit margins were very poor.

Im wondering if different parts of the racing season have an impact on dividends etc?

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