Wednesday, September 23, 2009

24th Sept bets

First race of the day at Otaki.
Horse Alladin Prince
Div $2.5
Bet $2
Horse won
$3 profit

So there are still 9 more races at the Otaki meeting but thats it for this meeting for me. $3 profit. A positive start for the blog but its not always in the right direction, as this evolves the losing runs will appear too.

I did one more meeting for the day and it was a Harness from Kilmore in Victoria. A useful lesson I have learned as i go through this here. I have found that often the harness races have lower dividends which can trip you up during a race meeting

The first horse I picked didnt come through as a winner so Im down $2. The second horse I picked also didnt win so now Im down $4. Ordinarily my next bet would be $4 but as I get get closer to race time I see the dividend  is very low, only a $1.5 dividend which if i applied the $4 bet would still leave me with a loss. the bet doubling not able to win enough from the dividend to cover my losses on the earlier 2 races.  The horse in this race was an overwhelming favourite so I upped my bet to $8 which simply gives me a break even point for the meeting. I could have bet higher to make a profit but there are always doubts and sticking to just 1 more ahead of the sequence  would leave me with enough room to spare if this horse didnt come in.

To make that clearer....

Race 1, horse #1 $2 bet no win. Balance for meeting -$2
Race 2, horse #1 $2 bet, no win. Balance for meeting -$4
Race 3, horse #3 $8 bet, win Dividend $1.5, payout $12, balance for meeting $0.

Generally I have found I prefer to avoid the harness races because this problem comes up more frequently than I would like. Not sure why I went for this meeting, over confidence maybe?.  Lesson for today is to stick with the "rules" ( I hadnt mentioned this rule before, dont do this with harness racing, the dividends are often too low....)

So for all the effort of betting on this harness meeting I end up with nothing.

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