Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why favourites?

Well firstly statistically its a pretty consistent percentage over the last 70 years of favourites winning. Secondly I know nothing about horse racing, I have no library of knowledge and knowledge of all the indicators that true horse race punters have to make their bets.

To be honest from all the research I have done and all the forums I have looked at I believe experienced punters with real racing knowledge are making far mor informed and logical selections than what im doing. The longer I do this the more my knowledge base has built and i am now choosing favourites with more thought than just selecting the favourite.

The thing I have found is there are so called "false" favourites in that the horse the majority of punters are choosing may not be the best horse in terms of real indicators such as form, freshness, jockey etc etc.

So I happily accept that to the purest punter this system Im slowly outlining is flawed on one level. Blindly betting because the majority of punters have bet on a particular horse is probably able to be described as lazy and uninformed.

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