Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In the beginning...

Ok this isnt day 1, its about day 100 or so.

This is a log of my horse betting system. Its done partly as a control to be honest. I have a good friend who lost everything gambling and this seems like a good way to make sure i dont get too lost if it all goes bums up.

Firstly some background....back in the early 90's a flatmate of mine received in the post some sales pitch about how to make money betting on horses. I remember reading this thing and it made me wonder about how it was all done so I made up a simple spreadsheet to input all the relevant information. Jockey, form, track history etc etc . Out of this unscientific and convoluted spreadsheet i would come up with a preferred pick for a race.

After a few friday nights of doing this at home and then listening to the horse racing radio I woke up to the fact that often the horses i picked ended up being the favourites. I also discovered that out of a race meeting of 9 races the favourites would come in the top 3 places 6 or 7 times.

This was before the days of the internet and I had to grab my information from horse racing newspapers and one problem I found was that it would take me 25 minutes to get all the info into my spreadsheet (slow typist) and I was always just making my prediction just as the race would start.

I was a student at the time and all this was eating in to valuable friday night fun time and I had no money to spare for betting so I gave up on it after about 6 weeks.

Fast forward to 18 or so years later....
One night I ended up going out to the Harness racing with my parents and younger sister, we used to go to the races when i was a kid on a friday night, mum and dad could leave my sister and I to run around in the public area with a few dollars for hotdogs etc and my parents would go hang out in the members area away from us....
Anyway on this latest trip i remembered what I had done all those years ago and spent the night placing place bets on the favourites only. I got lucky, a few of the horses came through and i ended up going home with a modest $10 or $15 profit.

The local betting agency here in NZ is called the TAB and I did have an account with $50 in it which was meant to be a bit of fun on sports betting, mostly on football. However I had never actually used it so I decided to try and see what would happen if I started betting with it on favourites only to come in as a place. I had immediate success with the first meetings races giving me 7 out of 10 place wins. What the heck??

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