Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why am I withdrawing the profits?

Why am i taking out the profits each time I hit $1100 and depositing it in a bank account?
I could simply leave the money in the TAB and allow the balance to climb and as it hits vertain levels increase my base bet amount. That would enable me to make even more money each bet however greed might kick in and right now till i am convinced this really will work long term Im going to keep some tight control over it all.
So in the last 3 weeks utilizing a TAB "bank" of $1000 I have been able to earn $382.80 off that TAB bank. Its immensely satisfying to be honest. Im going to take the last couple of days of September off from this, do some more research on some things Im unsure of and then see if i can do better in October. Considering I didnt bet for the first week of September as i was away on a football tournament Im going to set my October target as $500. Thats not too over the top going by my progress so far. Fingers crossed....


  1. Hi Mike

    Came across your blog through a comment on Mully's blog. I've just read your blog and it's a great read, keep it up. i've put a link to yours on my blog and wondered if you could put a link to mine on yours too?



  2. Hi Steve, thanks, just added your blog. Im a complete and utter football fanatic, coach to a decent level and am fascinated by football betting, will be bugging you with questions in the future. Cheers Mike

  3. Mike,

    Very wise taking money out and banking it in my opinion.
    The greed temptation has struck me already, and I have found myself making a few more reckless bets in the knowledge I had a larger bank. That is why I probably fell from £490 profits to £360 profits pretty quickly !
    I seem to be able to pick small wins up for fun so glad it is not just me that has experienced this.
    All the best.