Saturday, September 26, 2009

27 Sept

A quick note with respect to yesterday. At the end of the day I started betting at Toowoomba but didnt realize that it wasnt the first race of the day i was betting. It was the third race and in the previous 2 races favourites had won. My horse didnt win so i decided to take the $2 loss and skip the rest of the meeting because there was a chance i may have missed the only favourite winners to hit that meeting. Checking this morning I find that indeed was the case, no other favourites won. Its important for this reason that if you get a win on a favourite that you stop betting on that meeting, no matter how paltry the dividend.

Oamaru harness.... yeah i know its harness racing....

1st race now win $3 bet
2nd race no win $3 bet
3rd race no win $6 bet
4th race Motu Pocket won $12 bet  $3.3 div
Meeting profit

2nd meeting of the day was Hurdles from Rotorua. Heavy track also and nothing scientific here but I had noted that heavy tracks I had followed previously didnt have much in the way of fav winners and that coupled with the hurdles had me a little unsure. That trepidation turned out to be warranted as it took me till race 7 to get a fav win and its dividend was only $2.1 which effectively just gives me my money back.
However as the meeting evolved I started adjusting my bets to limit my losses if I was to hit a no fav win race.

Race 1, no win bet $3
Race 2, no win bet $3
Race 3, no win bet $6
Race 4, no win bet $12
Race 5 no win bet $24
Race 6 no win bet $30
Race 7 win bet $50 dividend of $2.1

Loss for meeting of $23.
Happy to take the loss this time and I was going to stop at the 7th race as i didnt have any confidence at the hurdles favourites.
As it is Ive only lost about $10 from yesterday. I had hoped to hit the $1100 mark by Monday so i could transfer another $100 out of the account but I still have a couple of days till the end of September.

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