Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday 28th Sept

I have about 5 or 6 meetings to look at today and a couple of them are harness meetings which I will continue to try out despite my misgivings. It may be a simple case of adjusting my multiplier to deal with low dividends as the stats remain the same for harness and gallops.

On the positive since I started this in August I have only come across only one true no fav win meeting and all the other losses I have had have come from a variety of screw ups on my part, including falling asleep with my laptop just before the 7th race in a sequence where I had my bet all lined up and just needed to hit the sumbit button.... as it turned out the horse won costing me quite heavily. Other losses have come from phone call interruptions and following tv punsters tips rather than following my system.

Essentially if I can reduce my errors I would be doing much better although to be honest Im doing better than I thought I would, fingers crossed for today...

Speaking of mistakes.... missed the first race of the meeting at Bairnsdale in Victoria and the fav won. Do I skip the rest of this meeting? 8 races to left on the card, or do I break one of my rules and bet again at this meeting?. I will check the rest of the fields and see how it all looks and make my mind up shortly...

Ok so being a mug I decided to carry on betting at that meeting and of course the first horse lost so Im down $2 and thinking I have tempted fate here. However in the 3rd race of the meeting (my 2nd) the fav comes in but there is a slight sting in the tail, the dividend is only 1.6 which means I make a 40 cent loss  for the meeting. I had been keeping an eye on the dividend and 10 seconds from the close of bets it was still showing as 2.2 but the moment I make the bet it dives.

The next meeting was at Menangle and its a harness meeting.
1st race no win, $2 bet
2nd race no win, $2 bet
3rd race win, $4 bet but only a $2 dividend which means 3 bets and I have simply  got my money back, no profit. So far Im 40 cents down.

Then followed a string of first race wins, 4 meetings and the fav in the first race won each time.
Albury park $2 bet  1.6 div for a profit of $1.2
Pinjara $2 bet 6.2 div for a profit of $10.4 This was one of those times where the Australian TAB was showing a different fav to the NZ TAB. I went with the local TAB and ended up with a higher div
Orange in NSW $2 bet 2.1 div so a profit of $2.2
Horsham $2 bet 1.6 div $2.2 profit.

$16.20 profit from 6 meetings which isnt very much but I got a mental confidence boost after the weekends last race shenanigans.

However not quite over, 1 more meeting where I have tempted fate again when the slow TAB dividend update had me picking the second fav in the first race and then find the fav wins. So i am now at race 3.....

and we get a win, $4 bet div of 2.7 so profit of $6.8

Thats it for the day

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