Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lady luck

So for the next couple of weeks I was doing $1 place bets on favourites and having a great time with the thrill of winning results but no real major progress in my TAB "bank". The problem was that the dividend on a favourite to place was so low that I needed 8 out of 10 results to make a profit and that was a low profit. If I only got 7 wins I would go backwards.

So my next idea was to go for each way bets where I would bet $1 on a place and $1 on a win. I did this because during a meeting 3 or 4 favourites would often win and the dividend was a decent amount more. My rational here was that even if a favourite didnt win but place my loss would be less when the 3 or 4 favourites winning was added to the mix.

Again immediate success and then after a week it all bombed with only 1 1st place and 3 place results in a meeting. I persevered for a while until my TAB account dropped to just $10. I gave up on it all for a couple of weeks, I had decided it was a mugs game (still undecided on this btw) but then one evening while bored I logged in to my TAB account and placed a $1 bet on a horse to place. While i was placing the online bet a friend rang me and because of this I wasnt concentrating and ended up accidently placing a win bet on a complete outsider..... you can guess what happened.... it won and all of a sudden my TAB account was at $110. I quit for the night decided to head out and think about it all the next day.

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