Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stick to the bloody rules dammit....

1st race meeting today, Banks Penninsula.

1st race horse finishes 4th bet $3
2nd race horse finishes 7th bet $3 total loss $6
3rd race and I dont pick the fav because of very confident tipster on tv selling the case for another horse.... The fav wins paying out $3.4 I bet $6 so now my loss is $12 when i could have been $8.40 in profit.
So the dillema, do I take the loss as a fav has won or do I press on with the next bet being $12. The other option is to only bet $6 on the next fav as long as the div is $3?
So yes i bet $6 but no result on the next race and then I bet 12 on the following race, no result. Its happened before  where I have not bet on a fav early on and its ended up being the only fav of a meeting.
Loss at present is $36.
next race horse 2 is fav, Hold It Harvey, placed $24 bet at $3.4 div and the horse wins.
Thats it for this meeting and i feel i got out of a possible bad spot there.

While Im betting on this meeting I started on a meeting in Geelong. The first bet didnt come through and so im $3 down there. Just before the next race a friend rings and I dont hit the submit button in time to bet on the 2nd race favourite. It wins. There are still 8 races left in the meeting but Im calling it quits for that meeting, dont want to tempt fate twice. i will take the $3 loss there and just absorb it into the $21.6 profit from my the above meeting at Banks Penninsula.

So profit for these two meetings comes out at $18.60

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