Saturday, October 31, 2009


Im not blindly using the fav win system, to make that work I need to make sure I eliminate the errors at my end and one of the main culprits was interruptions during a meeting which caused me to miss key bets. So if I dont think I am going to have a few hours during a meeting where I am uninterrupted i will just use the fav place system.
 Yesterday I had football coaching during the day  and then last night I wanted to watch the Frost/Nixon movie on tv so I used the fav place system for all the races while I switched  between the movie and the 30 seconds before a race started to make a bet.  $4.60 profit on the night. Today I have a day of football representative selecting and will miss a fair number of meetings before I finish so tonight will also end up being place fav betting only.

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