Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quick note on the footy.

Aberdeen lost 2-0 at home but on the good news front Torquay won and the dream of staying in the 2nd div is still alive. I know its early in the season but Torquay have a tough job ahead of them.

And just to wind up all you Liverpool boys out there, you were already 2-1 down before the sending offs. Liverpool fans blind loyalty to the cause means they just dont see the bigger picture, its an admirable trait but misguided.

I remember the Liverpool of the 70's and 80's and you lot used to be the team people would watch because the quality was so great and the style was attractive to watch. Sorry but its awful football these days and Liverpool have no depth to their squad despite the huge number of players going through the revolving door at liverpool.

Rafa, its simple, get your team to pass pass pass and pass some more and nothing lofted, keep it on the deck, the sky is for the birds.

Im not a Liverpool fan so why do I care? Well Liverpool used to be a great team to watch, now  they are like watching Bolton. Its ugly and nobody likes ugly.

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