Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mon 5th October, sticking to the rules....

1st race up on the NZ tote was actually the second race up at the meeting in Australia. Didnt realize until I had made my bet on the true 2nd race. Then I had one of those ones where I picked the fav based on the Aussie tote and then after I made my bet the fav changed, my horse no longer the fav. The fav wins and I have a loss in the second race I bet on. So I pulled the plug on that meeting. I am now watching the rest of the meeting, its a heavy track and its now race 5 with the favs not winning in the last races. Ive pulled the plug because in the first two races the fav has won. I had bet on race 2 and 3 mistakenly. A loss of $4 for this meeting, happy to take the small loss based on previous experiences.

Made a modest $7.60 today, it would have been $11.60 if not for the 1st meeting shenanighans. There are 3 Harness meetings in Australia i could bet on but Im done for the day. I checked the history of the 3 venues and while there are plenty of fav wins there all the winning fav dividends were to low for me to bother with. Anyway i have real world work things i need to deal with.

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