Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ok some help here please....

Ok, now as most are aware Im pretty new to this whole horse racing thing so forgive me if this appears to be the dumbest most basic of all questions....

Im doing some research on quinella chances in dog racing but every now and then i come across recorded odds that arent as easy for a noob like me to understand. Normally the odds here are portrayed as 1/1 2/2 3/3 etc.
Can you guys look at the 2 screen shots for me and tell me what are the 1st 2nd and 3rd favourites in each screenshot and also add an explanation. Pretend I have the brain of a small goldfish when you explain it.... hahahaha.



  1. Hi Mike,

    What exactly am I looking at? Are they the prices for each dog in that particular race? If they are I've never seen prices like 7-7. Also if they are that comes out to a book of hundreds of percent to the layer. Just give me a bit of background and I'll drop you a line. I've been betting for over 30 years but never seen a book like this before.


  2. I cropped the screenshot and cropped out the prices. The website Im working my way through is http://www.thedogs.co.nz/catch-the-action/results.aspx

    typically the 1/1 and 2/2 indicates the favourite but some days the odds are shown with other numbers such as those listed.
    If you can go to that website and look at Wanganui 30th Sept race 3 for example that might help you understand where im lost.

  3. Hi Mike,

    I've looked at that site and been through every race on that card. The "odds" for the first winner of the first race was 1/1 which in fractional odds is Evens, but the win dividend is $3.60 which I presume in NZ is to a $1 stake which would equate to odds 0f 2.6/1, which is just over 5/2. If the odds column is fractional odds as it reads, the favourite is the 2 dog and the second favourite is the 8 dog. Really though, I've never seen odds represented that way before. I hope this helps you Mike. I'll try and find an explanation online.


  4. We are upside down here Clive, thanks for looking. If I can get this worked out then it will help my research into quinella opportunities with the dogs.


  5. I can tell you what they are - rankings on the win & place market.

    1/1 means favourite in win pool and place pool.

    2/4 means 2nd fav in win pool, 4th fav in place pool.

    That's how NZ odds are always listed in Australian papers (as T1/1). You never know the actual price, just where they ranked.

    They're not odds, the %s are just too ridiculous and NZ & Aus haven't used fractions in a long time.

  6. Thanks Scott, appreciate the help.