Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oct 6

$8.60 yesterday, $8.30 today. Nothing too exciting, at some point I will increase my bank and start betting with a higher base bet, maybe about 5 times what Im doing now. I just need to keep going and satisfy myself that I have a certain level of comfort and consistency.

Having trouble  uploading a screenshot for today, will try later.

 Bank total up to $1017.90.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I used to own greyhounds over here in the UK, i love grey hound racing, but the betting on Betfair is a mad 60 seconds and the odds are all over the place. So I only trade horses now with Betangel on my Betfair account. It's not worth the risk of a greyhound race jumping off early when trading, I could lose my whole bank. At least horse races over here go off on time or later, but NEVER earlier, which does help. Anyway, you keep it going. You wrote that it was "nothing too exciting" winning $8.30 and 8.60. I forget who said this quote "I may only walk slowly, but I never walk backwards." Keep up the good work