Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Footy bet

I still havent replaced the TAB account money yet, waiting on a payment for a job but there is a small amount left in the account so decided to have a small punt on the footy.

Had a close look at the world cup qualifiers and being a football fanatic couldnt help myself. Bet on the Uruguay and Argentina game and was quite amazed at the odds on offer.

Despite Maradona's record so far and the British press conscious or subconscious desire for him to fail Argentina are a team full of superb players and for them to miss out on an automatic qualifying spot simply wouldnt happen. I do wonder if the bias against Maradona in the press has an impact on the bookies odds. Argentina hadnt been playing well and Uruguay are a good side with some talented players but I really couldnt see Argentina losing. Add in the last second heroics of the last game for Argentina and you are looking at a side with rising confidence.

So I did the dutch betting thing on Argentina to win or draw with the odds at $2.45 for an Argentina win and $3.20 for the draw  and with Argentina winning came out with a small $5 win overall.

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